Elisa & Jared | Winter Hochzeit auf dem Berg / Krippenstein PART 1

Elisa and Jared from the US opted for a romantic winter wedding on top of a  mountain. Since Jared is currently working in Slovakia and Elisa had to stay in the US, they were pretty open to any place to get married. Because of their love for Austria, they decided on Hallstatt. They got married on the mountain Krippenstein and had their wedding reception in Hallstatt. What a magical combination.

I love winter weddings, not because I love the cold so much, but I accept being a little cold (if I have to be cold at all) for an awesome winter atmosphere. Outside all white and inside warm and cozy. Just perfect.

In all the weddings that I’ve photographed, this was definitely the one with the most thrill.

During the snow storm we took the cable car up the mountain to 2000 meters. From there, the groom and the guests took a nostalgic cable car over the mountain to the mountain hut Gjaid Alm. This very exciting and fun with the musicians, singing, beer and wine coolers.  Another highlight was the hike from the station to the hut during the snowstorm. We were all laughing so hard – I just loved the wedding guest.

I’m sure nobody will ever forget this wedding. It was simply AWESOME.

When we arrived at the hut they had a bond fire and hot drinks to warm us up.

I will tell you how the bride arrived at the mountain and about the rest of the day in part 2.

I hope this wedding story already brings a smile to your face.

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