Fule & Kurt | Pre-wedding shoot in Hallstatt

Hallstatt – my favorite Austrian place – the place where my husband’s family is from.  A place where a big part of my heart belongs. It always makes me extremely happy to be able to photo shoot there.

This time I had the pleasure to make memories for Fule Lee & Kurt from Hong Kong. What a great and fun couple that absolutely loves Austria.

Funny and surprising to me: 1. They never went to the fake Hallstatt in China (in case you don´t know – Hallstatt was copied by China, so the Hallstatt fans don’t have to travel so far  🙂 ) 2. Kurt’s parents gave him his name after the movie “Sound of music” 3. And in case you didn’t know: Many Asians take pre-wedding pictures, so they have wedding pictures to decorate their wedding venue with – great idea, isn’t it?

Sit back and enjoy our photo walk through Hallstatt

Photography: Carolin Anne Fotografie

H&M: Amory Make up Artist

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