Julia & Moritz | Wedding at the Hotel Miramonte in Bad Gastein

The wedding of Julia and Moritz in Bad Gastein, Austria, was a very special one for me during this season, a wedding with a sense of home. Julia is from a neighboring town near my hometown in Germany and her wedding guests gave me the feeling of being back there. I always think that I don´t really miss home, except for the people, but then, when I get home, there is this familiar feeling and I know “this is it – I am at home”.
Don´t get me wrong, I like to live in Linz, Austria and I think my home is where my husband and my kids are, but home is home.

Rainy wedding day: Despite the rain all day, the wedding was beautiful. I even think it made the wedding feel more cozy in the cute Hotel Miramonte. We were lucky enough to take some pictures outside and we also had a cool indoor location to shoot at, so there was nothing that could go wrong.
But why do I share so much? Just have a look at the pictures..

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