Nina & Charles | Wedding at the Stadlerhof

The wedding of Nina & Charles was great fun. They made their big day just the way they wanted it, without following any conventions. The day sparkled with exuberant atmosphere as they celebrated their love for each other. When I met Charles in his hotel room in the morning, there was already a big party going on. Later on Nina danced over to their ceremony and Charles awaited her, also dancing. The ceremony was led by the best man. So many short anecdotes of their long friendship, so many jokes and yet so much sincerity – it felt like being in a super cool movie. Those who weren’t moved to tears laughed till they cried. It was simply awesome. Not to mention the touching words the two lovers had for each other. I wish I had them on video. There is so much more to tell you about – like the vegan meal, Charles´s vegan shoes, Nina´s dress made out of a parashoot, Nina singing during her vows, their first dance to the Game of Thrones tune and about Chris – the Greek guy who told me about his life or Can, the best man, who really should think about a role in Hollywood. It was awesome with you guys! Thank you for having me.

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