Simone & Marvin | Love Shoot in Egypt

It has been very quiet on my blog for a long time and it’s about time that I show you another beautiful love story.
Lately I have been very involved in the construction of our house and moving in. I also had lots of beautiful photo sessions and I want to show you a very special one today.
The love shoot of Simone and Marvin. They invited me for a sunset camel ride into Egypt’s desert, to make very special memories of their love. Our desert shoot was a lot of fun. Once time, the camel didn’t want to do what I wanted and the camel trainer didn’t understand me. Then Marvin was afraid of the big animals and the camel wanted to kiss Simone on the mouth 🙂 A big adventure and lots of love between the two.
Dear Simone and Marvin, I´m very thankful for the great time we had together.

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